Unasked Family Episode 9 Sub

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Story line

"Unasked Family" depicts the life changing story of Kang Yeo-Won (Choi Yoon-So) and Bong Chun-Dong (Sul Jung-Hwan).When Kang Yeo-Won was a university student, she dreamed of becoming a reporter. An unexpected pregnancy, caused her to change that dream. She is now a housewife and she is busy taking care of her troublemaker in-laws, raising her child and managing her family's finances. Her husband gets into an accident and her life changes.Meanwhile, Bong Chun-Dong grew up in an orphanage with his younger sister. He had a heart disease, but he was able to get an operation due to Hwang Byung-Rae (Sun Woo Jae Duk). He is now a grown man. Bong Chun-Dong passes his bar exam, but he works for Hwang Byung-Rae.

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